Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neutral Feelings About a Not so Neutral Palette

No more than a month ago, Gabby and I went shopping, and as we were walking down the street, we noticed a sign stating that the local salon was hosting a big sale, and us, being the beauty fanatics we are, couldn't resist. We browsed their selection for a while, the sale didn't turn out to be as big as advertised and we weren't finding anything we particularly liked, until we came across an eyeshadow palette. We opened it to reveal 40 amazing colors, and the best part of all--it was only $5!  After purchasing the palette we headed home and immediately started experimenting. To our dismay the sleek black exterior didn't quite fit with it's contents. Many of the lighter colors were barely visible (eliminating any wearable colors), I noticed a sizable amount of fallout, and the eyeshadow itself was nothing spectacular. Thank goodness we didn't pay full price!

  • The darker/brighter colors are highly pigmented.
  • 40 colors in the palette.
  • Isn't irritating to my eyes or skin.
  • Pretty case :)
  • The lighter/normal colors DO NOT SHOW UP.
  • A considerable amount of fallout.
  • It hardly has any shimmering shadows. (Which could be good or bad depending on what you like. I personally don't mind a little sparkle.)
Would I Repurchase:
I suppose I would, but only if I could find it at a discounted price because I don't think this palette is worth $17.

Price: $16.99

You Can Find it At:, besides their website I'm unsure of where their products are sold.

Well, it's better than Wet and Wild, but it doesn't even compare to my precious MAC.


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

C Me Frown: Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Citrus Lip Butter

For a long time I have been wanting anything by "Yes To Carrots". Today, I finally mustered up the courage to actually spend some money. For $2.99, I picked up a bright Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Citrus Lip Butter. Well, thank goodness I also picked up a pack of Rainbow Mentos, for if I hadn't, you would C Me Frown! The moment this balm touched my lips I was filled with disappointment. There was no energizing citrus scent or aroma whatsoever, despite the fact that in contained many natural fruit oils. In fact, it had a horrible taste (and an iffy smell). The balm was kind of creamy, but not enough to make up for its horrible taste and smell. It was actually quite moisturizing. I am familiar with many balms that do a great job, though, so it's not that amazing. I most definitely will not be repurchasing this flavor again. I might give Berry a chance..MIGHT.


^See?! So many fruit oils, so little flavor!

Price: $2.99 for 0.15oz

  • Slightly creamy
  • Moisturizing (Average)
  • Has a horrible taste
  • Costs as much as the amazing Burt's Bees Balms
  • Has no Citrus aroma whatsoever
  • Has no Citrus taste whatsoever
You make like this if....
  • You already love Yes To Carrots Lip Butter
  • You have no tastebuds :D
You may dislike this if...
  • You're a normal human being
  • You hate Yes To Carrots Lip Butter
  • You want a good-tasting lip balm
  • You want an actual Citrus lip balm
You can find this at...
Overall, this product

Save your money!
As I said before, thank goodness for mentos!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Time

Well, after 19 posts filled of the, ahem...interesting...thoughts of my fellow blogger/best friend for EVER :) you finally get to here a new perspective. A perspective that was introduced to you readers in the very post, then mysteriously vanished, and was never heard from again...UNTIL NOW!

Call it what you may--laziness, procrastination...but I personally think my deficiency of posts was based upon the fact that I am lackadaisical blogger (don't understand? LOOK IT UP.) But I'm putting my past behind me, and you will most indefinitely be hearing (technically reading...but screw technicalities) a lot more from me :) Enjoy!!



Haleigh (and for once, not Gabby :))

Fashion Week: Colored Powder Hair?

Runways are commonly know for their crazy hairstyles and wacky fashions,
 but this might've just topped them all! At the Thakoon show during Fashion Week,
models walked down the runway with neon powder in their hair. This look was created by
 Odile Gilbert for Kerastase. The inspiration? A hair technique commonly used in India t
hat involves a vast amount of pink clay.

What do you think? Would you EVER try this?
Because I know that I would end up reserving this look for a lonely Saturday...


BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Cream!

Warm Vanilla Sugar® Shea Cashmere Hand Cream - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksWarm Vanilla Sugar® Shea Cashmere Hand Cream - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksAfter trying one of my friend's hand cream from Bath and Body Works, I  just knew I had to get myself one--or two. These hand creams were the thickest, creamiest, and most luxurious ones on the market! She owned the new scent, "Carried Away", and it positively divine. I was tempted to pick one up with its gorgeous floral packaging, but Warm Vanilla Sugar was just calling my name with its delectable vanilla aromas. I am so glad I got to pick up one! It's scent always reminds me of winter, and cozying up by the fire. I think that vanilla smells amazing and this hand cream just made it even better! You pick up tons of vanilla, but swirled into it are a few woody aromas. I honestly have no clue wahat "basmati rice water" is, but I sure know that I don't pick up any in this hand cream. Okay, back to the texture! This hand cream takes your hands to Cloud 9! You know those thick and rich Betty Crocker frostings? Well this hand cream is literally just that for your hands! It's wonderful! And oh, duh! You're hands are left super smooth. THe bottle looks really small, but truly, you only need a tiny dot to give your hands deep hydration.

Price: $10.00 for 2.5oz of LUSCIOUSNESS:)

  • As thick as Betty Crocker Frostings...Yumm...
  • Your hands are left supple
  • The fragrance lingers on hands all day
  • The scent smells amazing (Vanilla with a few woody notes)
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Comes in a variety of scents (I only wish they were flavors...)
  • SMELLS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT (This may result in death if swallowed.)
  • Some may find it pricey, but for how much you need per use, IT'S NOT.
You make like this if...
  • You already love BBW Hand Creams
  • You are looking for a winter scent in a hand cream (yet I use it in all seasons)
  • You are looking for a super-moisturizing hand cream that WORKS
  • You already love the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent
You make dislike this if...
  • You hate hand creams
  • You hate BBW
  • You hate the Warm Vanilla Sugar Scent
  • You're crazy....:)
You can find this at...

Overall, this product is...

So, umm...what are you waiting for? GO GET THIS STUFF.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New blogs!

Haleigh and I have each created one of our one individual blogs on beauty and everything else. Of course, you will find some posts here still, but the majority of posts will be on our own blogs. (and of course, we are still BEST FRIENDS :D) Follow and comment on them :D Are you currently sobbing? Comment and ask for more posts! :D You will find that we will transfer posts that we wrote to our blogs, too!

Click here to go to Haleigh's blog!

Click here to go to Gabby's blog!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lavender Lips: Hit or Miss?

Recently, MAC just launched a new line of matte lipsticks in far out shades. Their "Posh Paradise" collection features vivid (and natural..) shades of paint pots, and a new lipstick with the name "Mattene". One of the shades in the Mattene lipstick collection happened to be a lush matte lavender. Lavender?! I know, right. This shade, named "Fresh Amour" costs a mere $14.50. I don't know about you, but if I ever have a random $15 lying around, I may just pick this up  This isn't the first time I've ever seen a purple lip, though. Every once in a while, runways sneek in a few purple pouts and celebrities flaunt them. What do you guys think? Lavender Lips: are they a hit or miss?

Keri Hilson flaunting purple lips and lids
Rihanna's Lavender Lip
A Model at Armani Prive's Spring 2011 Show



Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bad Chick and a Flower Girl Eat Sour Grapes..

I recently picked up 3 of Sinful Color's Nail Art Polishes. If you didn't already get it from the title, I purchased the shades called "Bad Chick", "Flower Girl", and "Sour Grapes". Love the last one's name, right?! Bad Chick is a basic white used for just about anything. Flower Girl is this gorgeous gold glittery shade. You know how some glitter polishes only put a few glitter specs on your nails? Well, not with this one! The polish is totally opaque with fine gold glitter. Sour Grapes is a purple-ish neon fuschia. I loooovee each and every one of them. The packaging is nice, sleek, and about half the size of Sinful Color's regular polishes. They look like they should cost 10x more than they do. Soon, we shall find out if they work like they should cost 10x more. Plus, they come in every color under the sun. For only $1.99, I might just have to purchase the whole entire rainbow.

NOTE: I've had this on for only 2 days. I'll update on how long it is lasting for me.

Stupid camera hasn't come in's a picture from of the shade "Sour Grapes". ONCE I FINALLY GET THE CAMERA, I'll show you:D

  • They're super cheap (Only $1.99!)
  • They are available in every color imaginable
  • The Glitter ones are OPAQUE
  • The brush makes creating designs easy and fun
  • They don't take forever to dry
  • They last for a good amount of time
  • Sometimes the brush grabs too much polish. If you don't swirl it on the sides of the bottle, it can drip on your nails.
  • My "Flower Girl" one smelled HORRIBLE. Okay, not that bad. You could smell something, though. Maybe I just got a bad batch...
You make like this if...
  • You are looking for a cheap nail art polish.
  • You are looking for an opaque glitter nail art polish.
  • You are looking for a NA polish with a good brush.
  • You are looking for a NA polish that lasts a while.
  • You are looking for a NA polish available in tons of colors
  • You already like Sinful Color's regular polishes.
You may dislike this if...
  • You are super sensitive to smells (You might end up with a bad batch)
You can find this at...
  • RiteAid
  • Walgreen's
  • Other online stores (, etc)

Overall...This product is..


Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fall Scents!

In honor and celebration of the arrival of fall, you will see these "Friday Fall Scent" posts every Friday! Here's to colorful leaves and crisp autumn air!
This week's scent?

Tart, Ripe Apples!
^Cinnamon optional!
The juicy aroma of tart apples brings back family memories of the orchards. With a dash of cinnamon, my dreams are brought to Thanksgiving dinner, and luscious apple pie. Anything with the word "apple" in it takes my mind straight to autumn, so smelling like a walking apple pie (but prettier...) only makes my obsession of fall worse.

But enough with my sappy memories. I'm sure you're far more interested in the products!

BBW Fresh Market Apple Handibac Moisturizing Hand Lotion
($4.00 each, $5.00 for 2)
I honestly wish my hands were edible (wait..nevermind). I wish that this LOTION was edible, because if it tastes as well as it looks, well...just yummm. It's about the same consistency as their regular body lotions, so I was surprised that I even liked this a little. It conditions hands while sanitizing, for clean moisturized palms. Plus, a delicious apple scent lingers on your hands all day. There's no cinnamon found here! The aroma of this lotion is just plain ol' tart apples. :P I really want apples now....
Black Candy Apple Travel-Size Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

BBW Warm Harvest Apple Triple Moisture Body Cream ($12.50)
I was already big on BBW's Triple Moisture Body Creams, so when I found out this fragrance was launched, I was immediatly drawn to it. It's a succulent blend of fruits and sugarcane, but apple is there the most. The cream itself was very thick, which I love. It absorbed quickly and wasn't greasy at all. My alligator legs were finally moisturized. :D

BBW Black Candy Apple Body Lotion ($5.00)
This travel-sized lotion is scented with a mouth-watering blend of juicy apple and warm vanilla. This one reminds me most of apple pie. I also love the regular body lotions for their fast absorbency and quenching properties. The scent itself is left on your skin all day. Okay, I REALLY am craving apples after all these.

BBW Forbidden Apple Lip Gloss ($8.00)
Where would we be without a delicious lip gloss? NOWHERE. This yummy gloss hydrates lips and delivers shine and color while tingling your tastebuds (hehe :P) with an oh-so-tasty apple flavor. Your lips are usually left with a hint of cherry red on them, but occasionally you get the sheer plum swirl (still apple-flavored). Liplicious glosses in general are non-sticky and long-lasting. This one doesn't fall short of the Liplicious standards in any way.
Forbidden Apple Treacherous Treats Lip Gloss - LipLicious - Bath & Body Works

Are you craving apples just as much as I am yet?

I thought so..

Bye everybody!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes!

^A "Meh" image of the wipes 2 minutes before purchasing them.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to CVS and stocked up on facial products. I had already been a huge fan of Formula 10.0.6, so I was immediatly drawn to the display of facial products by them. I purchased their "Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes" for a mere $5.99, along with Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Brightening Facial Cleanser for about $1 more. These quick and easy wipes have been an absolute dream to work with. Just one pre-moistened wipe cleanses, clarifies, tones, and finishes with a refreshing tingle. The slight tingle I got from these wipes resembles the one I get from my Clinique Clarifying Lotion (a toner), so that was a nice addition. It claims to remove makeup, and trust me, it does, but I got a stye quickly after using them for eye makeup-removing purposes. I highly reccomend them for the rest of your face, though. In my opinion, they cleanse very well. They're great for those nights/mornings when you are too lazy to do your skincare routine. I brought them on a cottage trip, where my skin was often smothered with sand, dirt and other "nasties". Within 2 seconds, these wipes removed every last impurity from my skin and left it fresh and fabulous! Sadly, it only comes with 25 wipes. $5.99 is a little pricey for the amount you are getting, but the quality and effectiveness takes all that worry away! It's good to know that these wipes are drenched with "do-gooders" like cucumber and witch hazel. Overall, these wipes are a great product and I will definitely be re-purchasing this item again. So, go ahead and purchase them! Your skin will thank you!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Purse Bobby Pin Holders!

If you're anything like me, you probably often lose your bobby pins at the bottom of your purse. After five minutes of searching with my hand, I usually end up giving up. One day, I thought and thought about how I would put an end to this. I saw an index card lying on the floor, and a bobby pin on the table, and I immediatly came up with an idea! You simply just take the index card, and put the bobby pins on the index card. I keep three on an index card, and I shove it in my wallet. It's so easy, yet I never thought of it until now! This way, grabbing a bobby pin is as easy as grabbing an ordinary card. Hope you all try it!

Guess what?! My camera is coming in soon! SO THAT MEANS ACTUAL PICTURES.

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