Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fall Scents!

In honor and celebration of the arrival of fall, you will see these "Friday Fall Scent" posts every Friday! Here's to colorful leaves and crisp autumn air!
This week's scent?

Tart, Ripe Apples!
^Cinnamon optional!
The juicy aroma of tart apples brings back family memories of the orchards. With a dash of cinnamon, my dreams are brought to Thanksgiving dinner, and luscious apple pie. Anything with the word "apple" in it takes my mind straight to autumn, so smelling like a walking apple pie (but prettier...) only makes my obsession of fall worse.

But enough with my sappy memories. I'm sure you're far more interested in the products!

BBW Fresh Market Apple Handibac Moisturizing Hand Lotion
($4.00 each, $5.00 for 2)
I honestly wish my hands were edible (wait..nevermind). I wish that this LOTION was edible, because if it tastes as well as it looks, well...just yummm. It's about the same consistency as their regular body lotions, so I was surprised that I even liked this a little. It conditions hands while sanitizing, for clean moisturized palms. Plus, a delicious apple scent lingers on your hands all day. There's no cinnamon found here! The aroma of this lotion is just plain ol' tart apples. :P I really want apples now....
Black Candy Apple Travel-Size Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

BBW Warm Harvest Apple Triple Moisture Body Cream ($12.50)
I was already big on BBW's Triple Moisture Body Creams, so when I found out this fragrance was launched, I was immediatly drawn to it. It's a succulent blend of fruits and sugarcane, but apple is there the most. The cream itself was very thick, which I love. It absorbed quickly and wasn't greasy at all. My alligator legs were finally moisturized. :D

BBW Black Candy Apple Body Lotion ($5.00)
This travel-sized lotion is scented with a mouth-watering blend of juicy apple and warm vanilla. This one reminds me most of apple pie. I also love the regular body lotions for their fast absorbency and quenching properties. The scent itself is left on your skin all day. Okay, I REALLY am craving apples after all these.

BBW Forbidden Apple Lip Gloss ($8.00)
Where would we be without a delicious lip gloss? NOWHERE. This yummy gloss hydrates lips and delivers shine and color while tingling your tastebuds (hehe :P) with an oh-so-tasty apple flavor. Your lips are usually left with a hint of cherry red on them, but occasionally you get the sheer plum swirl (still apple-flavored). Liplicious glosses in general are non-sticky and long-lasting. This one doesn't fall short of the Liplicious standards in any way.
Forbidden Apple Treacherous Treats Lip Gloss - LipLicious - Bath & Body Works

Are you craving apples just as much as I am yet?

I thought so..

Bye everybody!


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