Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm getting Chubby!

Well, sort of.

I reecently picked up Clinique's Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry. It's even greater than I imagined. These gorgeous lip crayons glide on smoothly and drench your lips in a sheer wash of conditioning color. It's formulated with moisturizing shea butters and mango butters. It's basically an amazing lip balm, but better. With a few swipes, you get a sheer "just had a  cherry popsicle" stain on your lips, and you can easily amp up the color to a bold red lip with a few more swipes. I would actually prefer this over other lipsticks when it comes to the red lip! I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and my lips definitely feel more supple and soft than they did with ordinary balms. It's absolutely a great buy, and I plan to repurchase it (possibly in different shades..).

I would love to give you tons and tons of swatches and pictures, but ALL of my cameras are still not back from the repair shop.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

May Your Hair Thirst No More!

I used to, and still am highlighting my hair with natural lemon juice. It's a simple and affordable way to get back the same gorgeous blonde I had as a child. The only con to this method is damage. Lemon juice bleaches and dries out your hair, therefore leaving it parched and begging for some conditioning. One day, my mother came home with a leave-in-treatment for my sister's knots. I was able to try this conditioning spray, and it was love at first sight. Every time after that, there were two Aveeno  Nourish + Condition Leave-In-Treatments left on the kitchen counter. This leave-in-treatment truly has been wonderful. My hair is now soft, strong, and tangle-free. This spray is currently part of my daily hair routine. Fresh out of the shower, I spritz my roots with this quneching spray and brush to spread the happiness. For about 8 bucks at your nearest drugstore, you, too can join me and finally give your hair that drink it always craved.

Now if I could just get a decent haircut....


NUANCE-Salma Hayek

When I first heard about Salma Hayek's new line of products exclusively sold at CVS, I asked myself, "What the heck is a nuance?" Well, now, things have changed, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the cosmetics. I am totally fascinated by the eyeshadow quads that fold into a portable dome. The lip gloss packaging and shades look absolutely gorgeous, too! In the next week, I should have a few of her items, and I can't wait to tell you much I love (or possibly hate..) them!

Nuance  Salma Hayek Beautiful Blends Eye Quad Neutral 080


Friday, August 26, 2011

Clinique Fall 2011-BLACK HONEY

In all honesty, I was pretty satisfied with Clinique's Black Honey Collection. It was a brilliant idea and I was super excited for it. I came across one or two flaws I disliked, but that's it. Although, It wasn't as great as the Strawberry Fudge Collection, in my opinion. The whole Black Honey collection was just neutrals. Don't get me wrong, I love neutrals so much, but the strawberry fudge collection included ingenious shades that made me believe in brights!

The product I had the most issues with was the Gradient Powder Blusher . I'm not so much disappointed in the quality of the blush, but more the shade.  I was so eager to get it,  but when I swatched it at the Clinique counter, I immediatly changed my mind. The picture below makes it appear wearable and gorgeous, but in real life, it's absolutely unwearable. I ran my finger up and down the right side once (the darker side) and my finger was literally a deep plummy red. I highly doubt that a deep plummy red suits the majority of females interested in this product. As for the lighter side meant to highlight? Also a big thumbs down. In the image below, it appears to be a nice peachy nude, but when swatched, it was a dark nude that made my light/medium skin look very sallow. Maybe they just had a really bad and dark tester out? Whatever the case, I'm glad I purchased a lid smoothie instead.
Gradient Powder Blusher

Clinique Black Honey Gloss Duo ($21.00)
I was just about to get it, then I put it back. I totally regret that decision. I had always been afraid of going anywhere near anything plum right before school started, until this came. The Almost Lipstick was a super sheer nude that seemed to compliment my skin very well. I tested the gloss, and it was the pretty much the same as the almost lipstick, but with loads of shine. It lasted the whole entire shopping trip, and wasn't too sticky. Hopefully, my nearest counter still has some left for me when I go. Eventually, you will come across a picture I got from that shows swatches of the almost lipstick and gloss.

Black Honey Eyeshadow Quad ($25.50)
I was really impressed with this product, actually. I own many Clinique shadows, so I expect them to be smooth, creamy, and long-lasting, and these shadows were all that multiplied by two. All of the shades glided on my eyelids, and stay put throughout the day. I fell head over heels for the actual shades in this compact, too. The lightest was a perfect highlight, while the 2nd shade was a perfect shimmering base and the last two were great for lining and contouring! Overall, I am very pleased with this quad of shadows.

I actually cannot say anything about the gel/ cream eyeliner. It looked gorgeous and natural! Too bad I never got to try it. :( I am a fan of Clinique's cream liners, though. They last all day, are creamy, and application is a breeze.


Even More Paradise For Your Feet (and Hands)!

How do you get amazing tropical scents for a good price? The answer CVS' Essence of Beauty Tropical Papaya Collection! Infused in each luxurious formula is the aromas of sweet papaya, tangy green apple, fresh melon, and zesty citruses. This delicious scent is available in a body & hand cream, a shower gel, a body mist, an eau de toilette, and a body lotion. I have yet to actually purchase the perfumes in fear of it being "to sweet for a perfume". As for the lotions? They're simply luxurious! The Body & Hand Cream is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. Aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, and nourishing antioxidant vitamins E & C all join forces to deliver your skin intense hydration. For only $5.99, you get a huge tube of hydrating, thick "frosting" for your hands and body. I reserve this product for my hands and feet because of its  heavenly thickness. After happily applying the cream, my hands are lightly scented with a mouth-watering aroma of tropical paradise that lasts all day. If you're looking for a better scent for this time of year, I highly reccomend their Pomegranate Apple products. All products bring back memories of picking fresh, crisp apples on the orchard. All in all, Bath and Body Works needs to watch their back for Essence of Beauty's quality items.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More tropical smoothies...

I've noticed that I have been mentioning smoothies quite often here. :D

Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour
It's not edible, but it sure is amazing. I purchased it in the shade Ginger-ly, and I am just in love. Inside this lip gloss-like container with a unique cooling applicator is a gorgeous, shimmery cream shadow that refuses to budge all day. It's a perfect morning pick-me-up. So, instead of cooling my eyes of with ice cubes, I can just apply this (Not that I used ice cubes in the first place). Plus, instead of soaked lids, I'm getting gorgeous shimmery champagne eyelids! The only problem I have with it is that is is super sheer, and with just a little blending practically becomes invisible. The fact that it's called a "Smoothie" just makes me love it even more! Once I save up some more money, I'm going to immeditaly splurge on a few more shades: Pink Biloba, Cashew Later, and Bit O' Honey. Swatches and BETTER pictures come later :D

BE COOL AND COMMENT :D And scroll down/ check older post to find out how to create a gorgeous Fishtail Braid!
Excuse the horrible quality. My brother's Nintendo DS is the only camera available at the moment :P More pictures will be uploaded from a GOOD camera soon. :D


A Clueless Girl's Guide to Hair: The Fishtail Braid

Never have I been good at hair. I could't even make straight hair look good. Finally, I consulted with my stylist (hung out with my friend who is good at hair)and I was partially cured of this sickness. For the longest time, the art of the fishtail braid was a mystery to me. Until now. She taught me every last trick of the braid, and might I say it looked amazing at the end. It was rather thick at the top, and gradually got thinner and thinner. Do not fear, you are not chopped liver. I'm going to attempt to share the secrets to the making of the mysterious fishtail braid. My friends who lack skill in the hair department and I will finally spice up our style.

A Clueless Girl'S Guide to The Fishtail

1. Brush your hair.

2. Give your hair a deep side part to the left. Use a brush or your fingers.

3. Take all of your hair and put it over your right shoulder.

4.  Seperate your hair into two pieces. Make sure to keep these pieces seperated the whole entire time. Let's give both a name to make the rest easier. The one closest to your back and your right shoulder will be "Right" and the one closest to your front and your left shoulder will be "Left"
NOTE: Yes, in the picture "Right" is on the left, but when you're actually doing your own hair, the Right one will be on the right and vice versa.

5. Take out a 1/4 inch section of hair from the "Right" section and put it on the inside of the "Left" section. Then, take the same amount from the outside of the "Left" section and put it on the inside of the "Right" section.

6. Continue to do ths until you are all done with your hair. If you want a fishtail that gradually thins, use less and less hair when transferring. So, do a few 1/4 inch pieces for BOTH SIDES for 2-4 rounds (round= 1 transfer from Right, then 1 transfer from Left). Then use 1/5 inch pieces for about 2 rounds. Get gradually smaller and smaller until you finish.

7. If you want a more loose and messy braid, slightly pull the braid apart from the middle. Grab the middle and pull both ways.

Vanessa's hair is a perfect example of the end result of a Fishtail braid.

Hope this helped you! See you next time when I write another "Clueless Girl's Guide to Hair".



Friday, August 19, 2011

Clinique Bonus!

Wow, Haleigh took over all right. Haha. Anyways..

My birthday was Thursday, and I received tons of minis. :D One included those of  my Clinique Bonus. This one came with the most ingenious bag design I have every seen, an eyeshadow duo/ blusher, a moisturizing lotion, Moisture surge gel, Dramatically Different lipstick in tenderheart, Instant Lift for Brows, and High Impact Mascara. Look at that bag! Who knew random sketches of Clinique could be so beautiful? Speaking of beautiful, the products in it were amazing! I have never seen them toss in an "Instant Lift for Brows" in a bonus. I love this product. I received it in Soft Blond, and it's perfect! It looks natural, and the highlighter is wonderful. It's a good balance of creamy and powdery, and I now use it in my inner corners, too! I could talk forever about my love for the Moisture Surge Gel. The color is gorgeous, my skin is moisturized and plumped, and it feels sooo good. High Impact Mascara has always been a favorite. I'm glad it's in there. The shadows and blush are the perfect back-to-school combo. Both are subtle and pretty. The lipstick is slightly too dark, but I love it for any days I'm feeling the need to experiment at home. The lotion has been a staple in my skincare routine. With it, I can kiss flaking goodbye! Overall, I am very pleased with this "Bonus Round"! :D


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Haleigh's Taking Over...

I'm leaving for camp today :D I'm off to ziplining, "BLOB-bing", and *fingers crossed* edible food. So, you guys will be enjoying multiple posts by Haleigh and her mind. It's okay, It's okay. I'll be back Saturday. Then Sunday comes, and boy will we have something for you :D

byeeee :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tropical Paradise....For Your Feet!

I almost died when I saw this. It looks like a crazy-skinny deodorant (yet it has no deodorizing properties whatsoever), though it acts like a huge lip balm for your... feet! I actually glanced at the ingredient list, and it was identical to that of the lip balm's. It is too bad it contained fragrance, because I would have been licking my feet uncontrollably (Just kidding, of course...). Mango Coconut is my favorite scent out of the Lemon Meringue, Key Lime Pie, and Orange Kreamsicle (yes, it was spelled with a K). It makes your feet smell as though you just accidentally stepped in someone's spilled tropical smoothie, preferably one with a small umbrella. :D This overpriced beeswax in stick form (Okay, it had a little more than beeswax in it...) costs a whopping $10.99 at a small boutique a.k.a. a toy store--a rather expensive toy store at that. They have this small little section selling an exclusive brand (Exclusive? Oh fancy...) with the name "El's" that is supposed to appeal to pre-teen girls and a small percentage of odd teenage ones such as myself. Luckily, my sister and I also paid this product a visit. That day, I suggested that she remember this as a birthday present idea for me (5 days until my birthday!). Hopefully, my feet and I will be able to enjoy the scent of tropical smoothies daily! :D

and a teensy bit haleigh.
mostly GABBY.

P.S. I have a passion for this picture. Murf! (Ooohh, first murf!) I just love it soo much. Opinions?

P.P.S. That murf was one of excitement. Just so you know. :D

A Bipolar Intro

GABBY: Guten Tag. Hola. Konichiwa. HELLO. You get the point :D

GABBY: Instead of rambling on about different ways to say hello, I am going to try to mesmerize you with my powers to bookmark this amazing blog :D

HALEIGH: Well, thank you Gabby for that amazing tidbit of information. (not really information...)

GABBY: Well, if you haven't noticed, there are going to be two people writing this blog. Sometimes I will write, and sometimes Haleigh will write. How do you tell the difference? There are two easy ways:

1. Haleigh often uses big words. I (Gabby) try, but usually don't.

2. I will sign my posts with "Gabby" and she will sign hers with "Haleigh". That's a real obvious one.

HALEIGH: Well, well, WELL. How many more times can we start a sentence with well?

Aaanyways....Time for the formal introduction.

BOTH OF US: Fabulous Fruit Face is a blog on which we review our favorite maquillage (That's a big word for cosmetics :D How fancy!) as well as the random musings of two teenage girls.

*Be warned, the word Murf (also spelled merf) will be used frequently to express many different emotions. Ex: She was being so mean today. Muuuurrrrfff! In this case, murf is our way of saying "Ugh!" in an angry context. If you dare to look it up, you will come across an unpleasant definition. Do not worry. We had no clue this was actually defined in the Urban Dictionary. If you stay with this blog for a while, you may find yourself understanding this odd word, and possibly using it in your everyday life. :D

(We don't like picking favorites :p)

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