Friday, August 12, 2011

A Bipolar Intro

GABBY: Guten Tag. Hola. Konichiwa. HELLO. You get the point :D

GABBY: Instead of rambling on about different ways to say hello, I am going to try to mesmerize you with my powers to bookmark this amazing blog :D

HALEIGH: Well, thank you Gabby for that amazing tidbit of information. (not really information...)

GABBY: Well, if you haven't noticed, there are going to be two people writing this blog. Sometimes I will write, and sometimes Haleigh will write. How do you tell the difference? There are two easy ways:

1. Haleigh often uses big words. I (Gabby) try, but usually don't.

2. I will sign my posts with "Gabby" and she will sign hers with "Haleigh". That's a real obvious one.

HALEIGH: Well, well, WELL. How many more times can we start a sentence with well?

Aaanyways....Time for the formal introduction.

BOTH OF US: Fabulous Fruit Face is a blog on which we review our favorite maquillage (That's a big word for cosmetics :D How fancy!) as well as the random musings of two teenage girls.

*Be warned, the word Murf (also spelled merf) will be used frequently to express many different emotions. Ex: She was being so mean today. Muuuurrrrfff! In this case, murf is our way of saying "Ugh!" in an angry context. If you dare to look it up, you will come across an unpleasant definition. Do not worry. We had no clue this was actually defined in the Urban Dictionary. If you stay with this blog for a while, you may find yourself understanding this odd word, and possibly using it in your everyday life. :D

(We don't like picking favorites :p)

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