Friday, August 19, 2011

Clinique Bonus!

Wow, Haleigh took over all right. Haha. Anyways..

My birthday was Thursday, and I received tons of minis. :D One included those of  my Clinique Bonus. This one came with the most ingenious bag design I have every seen, an eyeshadow duo/ blusher, a moisturizing lotion, Moisture surge gel, Dramatically Different lipstick in tenderheart, Instant Lift for Brows, and High Impact Mascara. Look at that bag! Who knew random sketches of Clinique could be so beautiful? Speaking of beautiful, the products in it were amazing! I have never seen them toss in an "Instant Lift for Brows" in a bonus. I love this product. I received it in Soft Blond, and it's perfect! It looks natural, and the highlighter is wonderful. It's a good balance of creamy and powdery, and I now use it in my inner corners, too! I could talk forever about my love for the Moisture Surge Gel. The color is gorgeous, my skin is moisturized and plumped, and it feels sooo good. High Impact Mascara has always been a favorite. I'm glad it's in there. The shadows and blush are the perfect back-to-school combo. Both are subtle and pretty. The lipstick is slightly too dark, but I love it for any days I'm feeling the need to experiment at home. The lotion has been a staple in my skincare routine. With it, I can kiss flaking goodbye! Overall, I am very pleased with this "Bonus Round"! :D


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