Friday, August 12, 2011

Tropical Paradise....For Your Feet!

I almost died when I saw this. It looks like a crazy-skinny deodorant (yet it has no deodorizing properties whatsoever), though it acts like a huge lip balm for your... feet! I actually glanced at the ingredient list, and it was identical to that of the lip balm's. It is too bad it contained fragrance, because I would have been licking my feet uncontrollably (Just kidding, of course...). Mango Coconut is my favorite scent out of the Lemon Meringue, Key Lime Pie, and Orange Kreamsicle (yes, it was spelled with a K). It makes your feet smell as though you just accidentally stepped in someone's spilled tropical smoothie, preferably one with a small umbrella. :D This overpriced beeswax in stick form (Okay, it had a little more than beeswax in it...) costs a whopping $10.99 at a small boutique a.k.a. a toy store--a rather expensive toy store at that. They have this small little section selling an exclusive brand (Exclusive? Oh fancy...) with the name "El's" that is supposed to appeal to pre-teen girls and a small percentage of odd teenage ones such as myself. Luckily, my sister and I also paid this product a visit. That day, I suggested that she remember this as a birthday present idea for me (5 days until my birthday!). Hopefully, my feet and I will be able to enjoy the scent of tropical smoothies daily! :D

and a teensy bit haleigh.
mostly GABBY.

P.S. I have a passion for this picture. Murf! (Ooohh, first murf!) I just love it soo much. Opinions?

P.P.S. That murf was one of excitement. Just so you know. :D

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