Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Clueless Girl's Guide to Hair: The Fishtail Braid

Never have I been good at hair. I could't even make straight hair look good. Finally, I consulted with my stylist (hung out with my friend who is good at hair)and I was partially cured of this sickness. For the longest time, the art of the fishtail braid was a mystery to me. Until now. She taught me every last trick of the braid, and might I say it looked amazing at the end. It was rather thick at the top, and gradually got thinner and thinner. Do not fear, you are not chopped liver. I'm going to attempt to share the secrets to the making of the mysterious fishtail braid. My friends who lack skill in the hair department and I will finally spice up our style.

A Clueless Girl'S Guide to The Fishtail

1. Brush your hair.

2. Give your hair a deep side part to the left. Use a brush or your fingers.

3. Take all of your hair and put it over your right shoulder.

4.  Seperate your hair into two pieces. Make sure to keep these pieces seperated the whole entire time. Let's give both a name to make the rest easier. The one closest to your back and your right shoulder will be "Right" and the one closest to your front and your left shoulder will be "Left"
NOTE: Yes, in the picture "Right" is on the left, but when you're actually doing your own hair, the Right one will be on the right and vice versa.

5. Take out a 1/4 inch section of hair from the "Right" section and put it on the inside of the "Left" section. Then, take the same amount from the outside of the "Left" section and put it on the inside of the "Right" section.

6. Continue to do ths until you are all done with your hair. If you want a fishtail that gradually thins, use less and less hair when transferring. So, do a few 1/4 inch pieces for BOTH SIDES for 2-4 rounds (round= 1 transfer from Right, then 1 transfer from Left). Then use 1/5 inch pieces for about 2 rounds. Get gradually smaller and smaller until you finish.

7. If you want a more loose and messy braid, slightly pull the braid apart from the middle. Grab the middle and pull both ways.

Vanessa's hair is a perfect example of the end result of a Fishtail braid.

Hope this helped you! See you next time when I write another "Clueless Girl's Guide to Hair".



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