Friday, August 26, 2011

Even More Paradise For Your Feet (and Hands)!

How do you get amazing tropical scents for a good price? The answer CVS' Essence of Beauty Tropical Papaya Collection! Infused in each luxurious formula is the aromas of sweet papaya, tangy green apple, fresh melon, and zesty citruses. This delicious scent is available in a body & hand cream, a shower gel, a body mist, an eau de toilette, and a body lotion. I have yet to actually purchase the perfumes in fear of it being "to sweet for a perfume". As for the lotions? They're simply luxurious! The Body & Hand Cream is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. Aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, and nourishing antioxidant vitamins E & C all join forces to deliver your skin intense hydration. For only $5.99, you get a huge tube of hydrating, thick "frosting" for your hands and body. I reserve this product for my hands and feet because of its  heavenly thickness. After happily applying the cream, my hands are lightly scented with a mouth-watering aroma of tropical paradise that lasts all day. If you're looking for a better scent for this time of year, I highly reccomend their Pomegranate Apple products. All products bring back memories of picking fresh, crisp apples on the orchard. All in all, Bath and Body Works needs to watch their back for Essence of Beauty's quality items.


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