Friday, August 26, 2011

Clinique Fall 2011-BLACK HONEY

In all honesty, I was pretty satisfied with Clinique's Black Honey Collection. It was a brilliant idea and I was super excited for it. I came across one or two flaws I disliked, but that's it. Although, It wasn't as great as the Strawberry Fudge Collection, in my opinion. The whole Black Honey collection was just neutrals. Don't get me wrong, I love neutrals so much, but the strawberry fudge collection included ingenious shades that made me believe in brights!

The product I had the most issues with was the Gradient Powder Blusher . I'm not so much disappointed in the quality of the blush, but more the shade.  I was so eager to get it,  but when I swatched it at the Clinique counter, I immediatly changed my mind. The picture below makes it appear wearable and gorgeous, but in real life, it's absolutely unwearable. I ran my finger up and down the right side once (the darker side) and my finger was literally a deep plummy red. I highly doubt that a deep plummy red suits the majority of females interested in this product. As for the lighter side meant to highlight? Also a big thumbs down. In the image below, it appears to be a nice peachy nude, but when swatched, it was a dark nude that made my light/medium skin look very sallow. Maybe they just had a really bad and dark tester out? Whatever the case, I'm glad I purchased a lid smoothie instead.
Gradient Powder Blusher

Clinique Black Honey Gloss Duo ($21.00)
I was just about to get it, then I put it back. I totally regret that decision. I had always been afraid of going anywhere near anything plum right before school started, until this came. The Almost Lipstick was a super sheer nude that seemed to compliment my skin very well. I tested the gloss, and it was the pretty much the same as the almost lipstick, but with loads of shine. It lasted the whole entire shopping trip, and wasn't too sticky. Hopefully, my nearest counter still has some left for me when I go. Eventually, you will come across a picture I got from that shows swatches of the almost lipstick and gloss.

Black Honey Eyeshadow Quad ($25.50)
I was really impressed with this product, actually. I own many Clinique shadows, so I expect them to be smooth, creamy, and long-lasting, and these shadows were all that multiplied by two. All of the shades glided on my eyelids, and stay put throughout the day. I fell head over heels for the actual shades in this compact, too. The lightest was a perfect highlight, while the 2nd shade was a perfect shimmering base and the last two were great for lining and contouring! Overall, I am very pleased with this quad of shadows.

I actually cannot say anything about the gel/ cream eyeliner. It looked gorgeous and natural! Too bad I never got to try it. :( I am a fan of Clinique's cream liners, though. They last all day, are creamy, and application is a breeze.


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